My Lucky Penny | Twelve Wilderness Days with the Biggest Little Dog I Have Ever Known


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A light-hearted, full color captioned-photo book that tells the story of the backcountry travels of Miss Penny, the cherished 30lb. miniature Australian Shepherd companion dog of artist, author, photographer and wilderness backpacker Jimmy Lange.

In stock (can be backordered)


A light-hearted, full-color, captioned Photo Book that tells the story of the wilderness travels of Miss Penny, the beloved thirty-pound miniature Australian Shepherd hiking companion dog of artist, author, photographer and backpacker Jimmy Lange.

After a decade of courageously exploring some of the most remote and pristine mountain backcountry of Colorado and the Rocky Mountain West, including Grizzly Country in Wyoming, Montana and British Columbia, Canada, as well as the desert Canyon Country of southern Utah, Miss Penny’s message to us all is “You are probably a lot smarter, a lot more capable and much stronger than you could imagine…you are bigger than you think!”

Ninety full-color pages, including more than 80 photos with captions, take the reader to wild & beautiful scenes in the Rocky Mountain West, such as Wyoming’s Wind River Range, the Selkirk Mountains of British Columbia and the land of the Great Bear near Yellowstone National Park. In the winter off season, go south with Miss Penny to explore remote desert canyons near Moab, Utah while hiking beneath colorful and breathtaking canyon walls stained with desert varnish.

Perfect for dog and nature lovers of any age, this is the story of a brave little dog taking on some very BIG country…and doing it all with courage, heart and a tenacity that we can’t help but admire, perhaps in some small way encouraging all of us to also look out and beyond what we might see as our own limits…to seek new adventures and life-giving experiences beyond our everyday, seemingly small existence.

It’s a big world out there and, as Miss Penny says, “You are bigger than you think!”

This is the first book in a series of upcoming titles by Author / Watercolor Artist / Nature Photographer Jimmy Lange as he documents his many years of backpacking (always solo with just his dog) in untouched, non-trailed, deep mountain wilderness.

90 Full-Color Pages (more than 80 Color Photos) / Perfect Bound Softcover 8.5″ X 8.5″ Retail Price $19.95

1 review for My Lucky Penny | Twelve Wilderness Days with the Biggest Little Dog I Have Ever Known

  1. Alisha Nelson

    I just finished reading “My Lucky Penny” and it left me feeling like I had been a part of something very special indeed. Seeing all the gorgeous photographs and Penny in all of her adorable glory, made me feel like I went on their exciting adventures with them. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I will be looking through this book over and over again. What a sweet experience. ♡

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