Twelve Days of Peace | An Artist’s Personal Journey to Nature and the Serenity of Wilderness


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Experience the tranquil solitude of unspoiled wilderness as you join Artist, Photographer and Writer JIMMY LANGE on a very personal journey within. In this colorful 122-page hardcover book, which includes twenty-four insightful and thought-provoking Personal Essays, twenty-eight corresponding original Watercolor Paintings, and dozens of striking Nature Photos, the author shares his innermost thoughts, musings and observations from years of exploring the remote Rocky Mountain West.


Experience the tranquil solitude of unspoiled wilderness as you join Artist, Photographer and Writer JIMMY LANGE on a very personal journey within. In this colorful 122-page hardcover book, which includes twenty-four insightful and thought-provoking Personal Essays, twenty-eight corresponding original Watercolor Paintings, and dozens of striking Nature Photos, the author shares his innermost thoughts, musings and observations from years of exploring the remote Rocky Mountain West.

With each turn of the page the reader will gain a glimpse into what it feels like to immerse oneself into deep and untouched wilderness…all alone for up to sixteen days at a time, with just the company of his faithful canine companion Miss Penny, whom he has featured in her very book titled “MY LUCKY PENNY”. Jimmy’s travels include over a decade of off-trail exploration in the realm of the mighty Grizzly Bear in Wyoming, Montana and British Columbia, Canada…a poignant lesson of living ” in the moment. ” In these times of fast-paced technologies and crazy-busy schedules, TWELVE DAYS OF PEACE offers us a chance to slow down, unplug, unwind and remember the joy of simpler things…inviting us to peer though this alluring window into the serenity of wilderness.

GOLD EDITION – 122 pages / 12” X 9” available as:

  • Traditional Gold-Foil Embossed Clothbound Hardcover with Full-Color Dust Jacket
  • Full-Color Image Gloss Laminate Hardcover

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Clothbound With Dust Jacket, Laminate Hardcover

20 reviews for Twelve Days of Peace | An Artist’s Personal Journey to Nature and the Serenity of Wilderness

  1. Clark Hodge

    Twelve Days of Peace is amazing. A combination of original art, photography, and essays. Jimmy Lange brings out the best of being outside in the wilderness. The production quality is top notch. The content takes you out of your self and puts you in a better place.

  2. Jonathan Wuerth

    Five STARS!
    Incredible! One of the first words that comes to mind when I think of this book I recevived recently -“Twelve Days of Peace”. I was immediately impressed by the presentation of this elegant book in the artful and meticulous packing. It felt impressive. and magical. The book cover and its gold letters framing a stunning watercolor of remote wilderness reflect the beauty of the 122 pages found within.

    When you pick the book up you are immediately drawn into its pages. A feeling of embarking on a journey of exploration into nature and wild lands comes to mind. As you thumb through the first pages you immediately notice how Jimmy has artfully captured so much of nature’s essence through beautiful paintings, photographs, and short writings.

    His writing vignettes delve into multiple aspects of his nature experiences, from a small mountain brook to wapiti (elk) and glacial valleys. Jimmy reflects on feelings of transformations, the anticipation of upcoming nature immersions, being invisible in wilderness, and a number of others you will be able to easily relate to. Each writing flows smoothly and often in poetic versus with the format of the writing very digestible. The sections can be easily read and will create contemplative thoughts when each is read..

    The artwork and photographs take you into the heart of Jimmy’s natural world experiences. The book is filled with his pictures taken from unique perspectives and capturing some of nature’s best showings. The reader, in the comfort of their home are invited to escape and spend a magical twelve days as you turn from page to page.

    I am sure the word incredible will be one of the words you can use to describe this book. This is a beautiful book to have easily accessible for a chance to “escape” to a single wilderness experience or even a twelve-day trip. You are sure to be drawn to the natural world yourself. Enjoy and reflect.

  3. Richard Mazzuca

    Clearly I rate this gem with five stars: *****

    Reading the author’s essays, nicely placed among the visuals in “12 Days of Peace” during quiet moments, I felt something familiar while both challenging and reassuring. I am indeed a Wilderness explorer and have had MANY similar experiences as author Jimmy Lange, however I have seldom put my occurrences to paper, (or more precisely), how those experiences have impacted my spirit and life. Jimmy’s insights are, I think, the pith of his tome.

    For me and possibly for many, the internal force of the experience is the foundation of Wilderness travel.

    The photographs are stunning, real, like one is actually in the places of the jumble of boulders and the rag-tag, gorgeous, orderly disorder of the natural world, untouched by humans. Jimmy did a wonderful job of interspersing his own watercolors, with photographs all punctuated by his captivating essays.

    The cadence of the pages from photo images, to watercolor imagery to essays makes for really lively and vigorous reading and viewing, almost like being on a journey. I also paint in watercolors and (from experience) I can say that Jimmy has a definite mastery and control of this tricky medium to convey the rich textures and ethereal, rarefied atmosphere of the outdoors: especially the light!
    And by rarefied I think I mean that which is distant from the lives and concerns of the ordinary and mundane, which is why we travel to Wild Places in the first place.

    Reading and viewing this book gave me hope for this earthly life in all its seasons and mortal bodies in all their forms – young and old, human and animal, flora and mineral. Without pretense or sentimentality, the essays provide shimmering observations of WILD nature, but more importantly, why those moments in the Wild do what the heck they do to the soul to make one a “more complete” individual…if that makes sense.

    I find myself reading certain selections over and over because of their wise understanding of the complex interaction of the human spirit with the Wild and especially the preciousness of time. We have only so much time and that’s potent to comprehend and value life, while we have it. There is delight and apprehension of the unknown coupled with the melancholy or the momentary intrusion of longing for so many timeless places. I know I feel that way.

    This is a book for lovers of Wild places, or more importantly for those who need to get to know the profound mysteries, yet haven’t as yet.
    And it’s a book that will win over those who say they don’t “get” Wilderness. They’ll get this.

    As an avid reader and viewer of Nature tomes, I tend to enjoy books that don’t get caught up in a single mood or theme. Jimmy’s book traverses the whole kaleidoscope of emotions – and that’s a great romp.

    In conclusion, the explorer/author/artist uses clear and robust diction to make his own episodes in the dreamlike realm of nature along with what could be intense brushes with catastrophes – the spectrum of stuff that makes us feel whole.
    Plainly spoken and deeply felt, these essays and images are so rooted in the Wild Places that reading and viewing is akin to taking a hike with the kind of deep-minded friend who can make you see the cosmic in the familiar, and the recognizable in the cosmic.

    Kindest regards,
    Richard Mazzuca

  4. John Wise

    i know Jimmy as a musician and friend and but i’m learning what a truly versatile artist he is….author, painter, photographer, and publisher. this is a beautiful thoughtful meditation in the wilderness and what it holds for all of us if we stop , look and listen. i highly recommend this work of art!

  5. Larry Smith

    Twelve days of Peace gave me a feeling of being in the soul of an incredible Artist and talented human being. I could not put it down. Read it from cover to cover more than once!


  6. Sandra L Hernandez

    This book is a journey in itself. When you open the first page you begin a trip through some of the most beautiful wilderness in this country along with a beautiful soul as your guide.
    The photography and artwork are stunning. The prose makes you feel as if you are there.
    A gift of joy that we are so happy that we purchased and one that we will cherish.

  7. Deb & Gary Small

    Jimmy has given a gift to the world through this book. His writings, his photographs, his illustrations are so powerful and compelling. The beauty and love packed in those pages can move you to tears. You can tell the wilderness lives in Jimmy and he shares it so fully, so unselfishly, with us. So if you can’t get to the wilderness, this is the next best thing. It will touch your heart and soul.

  8. Pat O’Sullivan

    Jimmy’s artwork is stunning! I would love a large print over my fireplace. With the weather changing and autumn knocking on our door, what better way than to be awed, wondered and inspired by a truly beautiful book. Take it slow and imagine yourself there. I know what my friends will be getting for their birthday gifts this year.

  9. Judy Britton

    I waited anxiously for over a year for Jimmy to finally complete this brilliant compilation of wilderness/ wildlife photography, soulful descriptive verse, and spectacular watercolor images, all reflections of one man and one sweet dog sharing ethereal discoveries, adventures, and hairy close calls in the great unknown.
    Jimmy’s cleverly crafted combinations of both prose and verse give those of us left behind the wonderful opportunity to share the experiences, as well as to delve into the mind of this incredibly gifted, always self-effacing man. Jimmy and Miss Penny have dared to venture where the lesser-hearted have feared to tread. Such a treat to enjoy Jimmy’s perception and exhilaration and to close my eyes, pretending I can smell, taste, and sense it all, over and over, page by page. Bravo!

  10. Elizabeth Groff

    Delightful, elegant, peaceful, beautiful. When I hold Twelve Days of Peace, it is like being transported to the backpacking paradise alongside Jimmy. With his personal narrative and breathtaking watercolor artwork, the author transports you to an oasis of wilderness and beauty. This is a tremendous gift for loved ones with it’s beautiful presentation and content for all. Few people set foot in as beautiful of places as the ones portrayed in this book. What a wonderful way to behold some of the world’s most beautiful, wild and serene landscapes! Five Stars!!!


    Jimmy Lange has dropped another artistic love bomb on the world. I’ve had the honor of knowing him and playing music with him for 30 plus years and have always been astounded by his depth of knowledge, curiosity and delight in all things artistic as well as his consistent delivery of the goods. Twelve Days of Peace landed in my box a couple of weeks ago and he has further upped his game with a stunning collection of photos, watercolors and essays worthy of any coffee table on Earth! I’m pretty sure I know what my friends and family will find under the Christmas tree this year! Strong work my friend. Five stars.
    Tom Garnsey

  12. Deb Matlock

    What a truly lovely and inspiring book! Just opening the book feels like the beginning of a deep and sacred journey into the natural world. This is a 5 star book for sure. I highly recommend this for yourself or as a gift for others.


    By far the “State Of The Art” in music, sights and sounds…with the ACTUAL HARD COVER BOOKS to boot! Wow! The leading edge of the Arts, in Music (coming soon), Artistic Brush, Creative Writing, stellar Photography and Graphics…What more could one ask for in this incredible rendition of our planet’s wonder and beauty?…via the eyes and ears…and engagment of your “Mind’s Eye” as well. Inspiring…Entertaining…LASTING! Truly a STATE OF THE ART STORY BOOK!

  14. Suzanne Lainson

    This is a beautiful book of photographs, watercolors, and essays. I highly recommend it for anyone who loves going into the wilderness or dreams about doing so. In these troubling times, many of us are appreciating the comfort that natural settings can give us. And, since this is also about solitude, it is even more relevant when we need to step back from our everyday lives, out of necessity and/or to find ourselves. Buy it for yourself or as a gift.

  15. Claudia Kean

    I’ve known Jimmy for ….well, more years than either of us care to count, I reckon! And he’s ALWAYS lived in that beautiful flowing space where fine art, music, and the natural world exist. This book comes like a messenger of hope and life, out of that place. The art is spectacular, and I am really excited to see the next one on the Southwest!
    But the writing is what keeps me going back to the book time and time again.
    It’s so heartening to see my own thoughts and feelings expressed so eloquently. I can see that the best of humanity IS there in all of us, as we all share this love and awe of our natural world. It gives me hope, knowing that underneath the layers of concrete that we’ve created over our true souls, we are still connected. To each other, to the real world of all natural life, to the Universe.
    I’ll be getting this book as a gift for my younger generation!

  16. Laurie Miller

    This is not just a book. It is a beautiful piece of art. Every page takes the reader deeper into the wilderness with Jimmy and Penny, and makes a person want to take out a sketchbook, paints, a sewing machine, or whatever medium is closest to that reader’s heart and go with these two into the depths of the mountains.
    I have purchased two of these books to give for Holiday presents but have found that I’ve already given them away. I guess I’ll have to order 5 more! And I cannot wait for My Lucky Penny to come to me.
    Jimmy, how did you get to be so dang talented?

  17. Kathy Sparrow, author of The Whispered Teachings of Grandmother Trout and founder of A Writable Life.

    I’ve had the honor and pleasure of witnessing Twelve Days of Peace by Jimmy Lange unfold over the last few years, and even though I’m familiar with the content, each time I open a page of the book, I’m immediately drawn into nature and experience a sense of peace––and awe. Jimmy’s artwork and photography cast a spell over me. Through his stories, I walk alongside him, sharing in his adventures and remembering my own.

    Twelve Days of Peace sits prominently on my bookshelf. I reach for it often, especially when daily life keeps me from venturing into the mountains. Jimmy’s work brings the healing powers of nature into our homes – and offices – at a time when we need it most. I highly recommend this book finds a place in your heart, in your home, and in your world.

  18. MaryKay

    This book is absolutely breathtaking. The command of color, the serene environments and vibrantly written essays are calming yet intriguing! Keep ’em coming Jimmy!

  19. Kevin Pederson

    Wow!…Jimmy Lange hits it out of the park with these two great books…they are works of art and I will treasure them. These will make some fantastic books for your coffee table when guests arrive. The pictures jump out like I am on a personal hike with Jimmy and Miss Penny. Great job my friend!***** 5 stars

  20. Alisha Nelson

    Hello! Hello! I just received the MOST GORGROUS book in the mail yesterday and I can’t believe it. THANK YOU! What a treat!
    I read it all in one night. Love the photographs of course and the paintings….. well. I wish I had them all framed and hanging on my walls!! My favorite is the bear peeking through the leaves but they are all so stunning and well done! I have many favorites.
    Loved the stories. I got pulled into each one. I had to keep reading. I stayed up long after my husband went to bed so I could finish the book. 😉

    I so thoroughly enjoyed it Jimmy. Thank you so much. Such a gift! ?

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